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Some Testimonials

M1DTW Architects, Detroit

The regular guidance Irv provides has helped shape the studio’s long-term business goals in a way that allowed us to work towards achieving them without losing sight of our client work and everything else that goes with it. Said another way: his consultation and mentorship has proved invaluable, keeps us accountable to ourselves, and let’s us reach measurable results.

— Christian Unverzagt, M1DTW Architects

Some All None, Los Angeles

Irv’s sage advice, experience, and expertise has accelerated my business, approach, and overall communication with myself, my team, and my clients. He has interests and experience in fields outside of design and has the ability to fuse different approaches into a new hybrid experience. Ask him about business organization, finance, or music, he’ll tell you what’s up. Irv is a mentor, a friend, and a soulful warrior.

— Jeremiah Chiu

Sing-Sing Studio, Los Angeles

Irv’s business guidance and knowledge has been a huge help for our small creative studio. He pushes us to think bigger and to look to the future with real plans in place. He’s so positive and always rooting us on. His help has been something we’ve really needed in our studio to move towards the bigger and better. It’s a relief to have someone on our side, finally, that is looking out for us and checking in that we are meeting the goals we set. Irv understands the life and working style of creatives. He works well with studios and other design-minded friends, which is something that is hard to find!

— Adi Goodrich & Sean Pecknold

12 Line Studio, Chicago

Irv understands the complicated world of creatives. and helps me streamline my business for growth. He and I work closely to overcome hurdles and maintain an upward trajectory. I have enjoyed working in and on my business more since collaborating with him.

— Nate Azark

Future Firm, Chicago

For our growing architecture practice, Irv has been coach, mentor, expert advisor, champion, and steady guiding hand. Our passion has always been design and creative work. Irv has helped us transform this passion into a clear and actionable business plan which will allow us to grow sustainably in the coming years. With infinite patience and kindness, Irv has helped us see topics like financial planning, business development, marketing and sales as themselves creative works, allowing us to both articulate our long-term hopes for the practice and figure out how to get there. We highly recommend collaborating with Irv whose holistic vision for creative businesses is invaluable.

— Ann Lui, AIA

Design Museum of Chicago

Every time I talk to Irv, he asks how he can help, which pretty much sums up his character. He joined the Design Museum’s board in 2019, ultimately becoming finance chair. Since day one, he’s been a passionate and persistent supporter, a mentor I can count on, and a friend to boot.

— Tanner Woodford, Executive Director, Design Museum of Chicago

Donut Shop Design

Irv helped us evolve from a reactive business model to a proactive one through consistent client outreach and organized project planning. His tailored approach has helped us grow our business while simultaneously relieving many of the stresses inherent in working for yourself.

— Jake Saphier, Donut Shop Design

Other Work

During the seven months since we hired Irv, he has provided invaluable insight and guidance for running our business. Because of him, we have exceeded our 2022 business goals! From client contracts, business development, achieving goals, and financial planning – we would not be where we are today without him. I highly recommend him for creative entrepreneurs seeking to develop their business infrastructure.

— Laura Walker, Other Work

E.N.D Studio

Working with Irv has been an integral part of my business development over the past year. END Studio had been operating for a few years but was undergoing a growth spurt last year and I went out in search of a trusted advisor to help me develop as a business and as a boss. With Irv, I began strategically planning for the first time and worked to reformulate structures, strategies, and systems, writing out a business plan that I could work towards and measure success again. Since then we meet on a regular basis to check in and review progress. As a solo business owner, having someone insightful to bounce ideas off, provide marketing and financial advice, keep me on track for my business development goals, and cheerlead as I grow has been invaluable.

— Elise DeChard, AIA, E.N.D Studio