Business Plan

Business Plan

The business plan defines a business’s future objectives and strategies for achieving them.

Business Plan areas of focus for all organizations:

  • Infrastructure
  • People & Culture
  • Business Development
  • Financial

Business plan cycle:

  • Milestones – develop project plan and schedule
  • Planning – setting goals
  • Modeling – projections and forecasting
  • Building – develop strategies and roadmap
  • Execution – realization of goals and growth
  • Measurement – measure the results
  • Adjusting – resetting goals to improve based on the measured
    results and future endeavors

Lean Business Plan

  • Step 1 – Strategy
  • Step 2 – Tactics
  • Step 3 – Basic Numbers and Forecasts
    • Sales Forecast
    • Spending Budget
    • Cash Plan
  • Step 4 – Executions
    • Keeping It Live
    • Monthly Review
    • Planning As Management

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Setting Goals

1. Create something worth executing.

Pitching, demoing, bootstrapping, and executing are a lot easier if you’ve created something meaningful. It’s hard to stay motivated and excited about executing crap. It’s easy if you’re changing the world. So, if you and your team are having a hard time executing, maybe you’re working on the wrong thing.

2. Set goals

The next step is to set goals. Not just any kind of goals, but the right goals, and the right goals embody these four qualities:

  1. Measurable. If a goal isn’t measurable, it’s unlikely you’ll achieve it.
  2. Achievable. Take your “conservative” forecast for these goals and multiply them by .1; then use that as your goal.
  3. Relevant. A good goal is relevant.
  4. Rathole-resistant. A goal can be measurable, achievable, and relevant and still send you down a rathole. Whether the goal is a providing a service or a product and it doesn’t have “stickiness that can lead down the rathole. That’s a rathole. Ensure that your goal encompasses all the factors that will make your organization viable.

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